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The first Murder Mystery on the Potomac Eagle last month was great fun and a bargain to boot!  For the normal price of a first-class ticket—$60 (which includes a delicious three-course meal served to you in style in the Classic Club Car) you get entertained with an original Murder Mystery that draws you in and makes you a player in the story (don't be shy--even if you are, you can enjoy discussing the clues to solve the mystery with your companions).  You also get to taste some West Virginia wines with hors d'ouevres and a bit of live music to kick off the evening.

The bonus is while having a good time, you'll be supporting a good cause--The Loy Foundation, which operates The Bottling Works, where the Hampshire County Arts Council presents most of its concert performances.  Heating and cooling the facility, not to mention the water/sewer bill for all those lovely new restrooms, is an expensive proposition.  We want you to be comfortable, but the bills must be paid and if HCAC had to pay for it, it would mean fewer concerts.  Proceeds from these Murder Mystery Dinner Trains will go toward helping defray those expenses. 

This is a terrific antidote to the "there's nothing to do here" lament as well as a fun thing to do with a group of friends.  Instead of driving to Winchester or Washington, or wherever, for an expensive dinner (plus gas), make your reservation on the next Murder Mystery Train and make some memories with your friends.

Coach tickets for the evening will also be available.

Potomac Eagle Murder Mystery poster