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Bob Zentz
June, 2002

Bob Zentz is, a singer of Songs, Old & New, about people, places and times gone by, as well as a player on dozens of the usual, and unusual 'unplugged' folk instruments. A collector of stories in verse and a teller of 'the tales behind the songs', Zentz is also a commentator on the ecology of the human spirit and a scholar of the evolution of "home-made music".

A Bob Zentz concert is a smorgasbord of contemporary, traditional and original tunes and chat, linked by the artist's philosophic perspective, thematic-logic and a strong sense of history, humanity and humor. In performance, the audience becomes involved, creating a spirit of community, through shared choruses and related ideas.

From traditional Celtic tunes and ballads to science fiction songs and sea chanteys: from Tales of 'Old Timers and Old Rhymers' to poetry set to Music, each show is a unique testimony to Bob's vast repertoire and varied personal interests. And, Bob Zentz sings some 'Songs That He Writes', just 'cause he couldn't find 'em. anywhere else!


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