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Ernie Hawkins

Ernie Hawkins

"Ernie Hawkins is an important link in the unbroken chain of blues and gospel artists. His guitaristry and love of the style is incomparable. From the Rev. Gary Davis into the future with his own style Ernie is one of the special ones!" notes Jorma Kaukonen (one of the foremost guitarists of the past four decades, founder of Jefferson Airplane, now touring with Hot Tuna).

Through his acoustic guitar and vocals Ernie Hawkins shares with his audience a blend of personal experience and acoustic Blues that was passed on to him directly from some of the original masters like Rev. Gary Davis, Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell. in the classic blues, gospel and ragtime traditions that ranged from the East Coast Piedmont to Texas.

A man with a mission, Hawkins is a disciple of a form of Blues nearly lost, that of the Piedmont style of guitar. He manages to convey the base, middle and treble voices of the guitar so cleanly woven into a fabric of time gone by. Hawkins makes that time gone by always present to listeners. Its complexity and beauty has a direct African link that speaks directly from and to the soul. Ernie's virtuosity reminds that Blues is not just an electric bar scene experience, but rather was born in the country by people who lifted their heads above their problems and drew from their roots, flowered and spread the seed of Blues.

Hawkins has taught at most of the major guitar camps in the world and been featured in SingOUT!, Fingerstyle Guitar, Dirty Linen, Acoustic Guitar, Blues Revue and Vintage Guitar magazines. Maria Muldaur, on whose Grammy and Handy Award nominated album, Richland Woman Blues, Ernie played, says of him: "Ernie Hawkins is a true living apostle of the True Living Blues. He not only plays each note authentically and flawlessly in a wide variety of traditional and modern blues styles, but more importantly, he delivers a huge measure of Soul in every note—and after all—that's what the Blues are all about."

"Fans of acoustic blues were treated to a wonderful performance by Ernie Hawkins at the Folklore Society of Washington DC. In addition to his fluid, crisp guitar playing, Hawkins had a genial style in introducing his songs and a natural vocal delivery. His wonderful performance and his extensive repertoire made this a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable concert." —Ron Weinstock, Washington DC Blues Society.


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