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Ensemble Tympanon

Old World music

Ensemble Tympanon brings its audiences a broad palette of music from the heart of Europe, ranging from lively little peasant dances to urban musette waltzes of Paris, from the classical compositions of Lully to the fife-and-drum music of Provençe. With a wide array of instruments and an intimate knowledge of the music's history, Nick Blanton and Paul Oorts both entertain and educate audiences, and often inspire a little dancing.

Ensemble Tympanon pursues music that was created when people left the city and tried to become peasants, and when peasants moved to town and tried to become urbane. From the pastoral dulcimer players of 18th century France, and pipers of 19th century Flanders to the Auvergnat musicians who moved to Paris and adopted the accordion, Ensemble Tympanon draws from many musical threads, so traditional, some not, to create a sound with the vigour of a rough red wine and the polish of a fine champagne.

Tympanon is the French word for hammered dulcimer, and the original inspiration for the ensemble came from the 18th century French tunebook for the instrument Aires Propres pour le Tympanon. Other musical sources include the tambourinaire ( fife and drum) tradition of southern France, bagpipe traditions of Belgium, and hommel ( fretted dulcimer) traditions of Flanders.



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