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One of the most sought-after proponents of
Québécois musical culture, Genticorum is firmly rooted in the soil of
their native land. The energetic and original traditional 'power
trio' also incorporates the dynamism of today’s North American and
European folk cultures in their music. Weaving wooden flute, fiddle,
acoustic guitar, jaw harp, bass, foot percussion with strong vocal
harmonies, they produce a brilliant tapestry, giving them a
distinctive sound. Genticorum has forged a solid place for itself on
the folk festival circuit, playing throughout Canada and the US.

Known on the Montreal musical scene as a funk-latin-jazz
composer/arranger and bass player, Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand
studied jazz arrangement and pop electric bass but his growing
passion for folk music gave him a taste for the wooden flute. Since
1997, Alexandre has created a “ Quebec” flute style, which can be
heard in Genticorum

A truly active and creative acoustic guitar player on the
Québécois music scene, Yann Falquet has explored many styles of music
and completed a Bachelors degree in Jazz. He has developed a personal
guitar style for Québec folk music, inspired by the playing of the
accompanists of different cultures (Brittany, Scandinavia, Ireland,
North America, etc). He toured for three years with the Edmonton
based celtic/world group The McDades.

Since completing a degree in big-band arrangements and
classical and jazz guitar, Pascal Gemme has searched for seldom heard
songs and melodies and interpreting his own compositions with a
unique, unmistakable style. Inspired to take up the fiddle by his
grandfather’s playing, he has acquired a wide repertoire, having
played with and been inspired by many great Québécois singers and
fiddlers. He has taught master classes in the US and since 2003 has
taught in a Montreal folk music school. Also a great singer of Quebec
folk songs with a rich and interesting style and repertoire, mostly
learned from older singers. Pascal does most of the arrangements for



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