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Kids on the Block

The Potomac Center continues to offer the "Kids on the Block" program free of charge. This educational program is designed to teach young people the facts about individuals with handicaps. It explains in detail that people with handicaps have the same likes, dislikes, wants and feelings as anyone. A person with a handicap is a person first and then a person with special needs.

The Potomac Center "Kids on the Block" program is a vital resource in narrowing the gap between persons with a handicap and the general population. The school system has been their biggest consumer, particularly third and fourth grade classes. They also provide performances for many other groups and organizations.

The "Kids on the Block" do two short skits and a session of answering questions from the audience. This program takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Theresa Peters is the "Kids on the Block" coordinator at the Potomac Center, Inc. She can be reached at 304-822-3861, ext.156.

The "Kids" appearing at the Arts Council's Spring Festival included:

Mark who has Cerebral Palsy. Jennifer who has a learning disability.

Jennifer again but sitting down. Rinaldo who is blind.

They were joined by their friend Brenda.


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