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Mirjana Golubovic

Mirjana Golubovic, mathematician and painter. Education: mathematics from the University of Belgrade in 1988. Math lecturer at the University of Novi Sad, University of Belgrade, SUNY/Buffalo, Moorpark College, LATTC, and WVU. Post-doctoral fellow at WVU. Mirjana authored a number of scientific papers. She extensively paints and exhibits. She exhibited her paintings at a number of solo and group exhibitions. For her paintings, Mirjana has received several awards, including Vincent Melzac Memorial Award for Best Non-representational Work in Hampshire County Arts Council's 2002 Fall Fine Art Show. She is a member of the Allied Artists of West Virginia.

Paige Royse, Blue Moose Art Director:
Mirjana's work is beautiful and sophisticated. It is patterned, textured and composed. Her warm, rich, earthy colors breathe with life. These pieces show a wonderful ability to create space and atmosphere. Some are murky and sensual, while others are light and airy. Some tempt you to touch the surface, and others invite you inside.

Artist Statement:
My work is inspired by the Landscapes and Treescapes of West Virginia, cosmopolitan context of modern culture, my homeland tradition, my education and my rigorous mathematical training for the abstract forms of thought. Abstract art provides me the way to express truths and reality that may not be easily expressed through linguistic and mathematical forms. Most of my
paintings are in mixed media. Mixed media exploratory painting enables me approaching old subjects with new methods or new ways of painting. I am deeply involved in exploring and extending the bounds of visual expression by incorporating unusual aterials to achieve novel qualities of colors or textures. Experimenting with surfaces, multilayered compositions, resist techniques, placing bizarre and exotic materials next to the tried and traditional, and applying them with both unusual and the standard methods enables me to exploit bold contrasts of colors, and to work with a more subtle range of contrasts with finer spectrum of tones.


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