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Maralyn Lovell

Maralyn was born in Anaheim, California. She was the youngest of five children. When she was four, she moved from the beaches of sunny California to a farm in the small town of Ellington, NY. There, she developed a love for animals, specifically horses and learned to appreciate the hardships of country life. “We were poor. Winters were cold and our pipes would freeze. I’d wake up to frost in the corners of my room.” She learned the importance of hard work and persistence from her father, love and independence from her mother. She started writing songs at age seven. When she was twenty-one, she moved to Nashville, TN. There, she captured a love for “the story and truth” as it unfolds in a song. She pulls from her experiences, her soul and from those around her as inspiration. Honesty and passion are an important thread that runs in and around her words. “I can’t perform background music. I want each song to step up to the plate and drive the emotions into the hearts of those who listen.”
Previous experience. Maralyn has played in Nashville, TN at the Blue Bird Cafe, Broken Spoke Lounge and Douglas Corner. Locally, Maralyn has played at the Tex Mex Grill, in Rosslyn, VA. St.. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon Ave. locations, JV’s Restaurant in Falls Church, VA, Clarendon Grill, Arlington, VA and for private parties. Maralyn was one of the top 3 finalists (out of 400+ submissions) for the “Shania Twain” song contest and was aired on WMZQ, Washington, DC. Recently achieved “Editor Picks” status at with her songs “Silent Scars” and “Complete Me”. Maralyn has recently moved to Huntsville Alabama and will continue to pursue music career closer to Nashville.

You can listen to some of Maralyn's music at:


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