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Mountain Thyme Performed for Herb & Arts Gathering

June 7, 2003

The musicians who make up Mountain Thyme live in West Virginia....the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Like many West Virginians, several of them trace their ancestry to immigrants who moved here from Celtic lands in search of a new life. They brought with them their families, their music and their independent spirits, and settled in the beautiful green hills and isolated valleys of our state. These Scottish and Irish roots can be heard in "traditional" Appalachian mountain music. This cultural heritage probably accounts for the special way that Celtic music resonates within the hearts of the Appalachian people. For us it has meant a special attraction to the music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and England that gives our repertoire of songs and tunes a distinctive sound that is both Appalachian and Celtic.

Mountain Thyme's musicians are Pam Curry, Jan Hartstein, Libby Musser, and Linda Workman. Each contributes uniquely to the sound and spirit of Mountain Thyme. Between them they play mandolin, guitar, tenor banjo, bousouki, keyboard, Irish flute, silver flute and cello. For the Herbs & Arts Concert Mountain Thyme will be joined by guitarist Tom Thurman from Charleston, WV.

Their performances feature traditional jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, original compositions, multi-layered vocal harmonies and unaccompanied singing. Songs encompass rousing accounts of romantic escapades, melancholy tales of trial and loss, stories of personal experience and place, and amusing expressions of everyday events.

What people say about Mountain Thyme:

"I was reconnected to those memorable West Virginia hills and their counterparts in Ireland and Scotland."
Douglas M. Orr, Jr., President, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC, site of the Swannanoa Gatherings

"You were great and everyone thoroughly enjoyed your show. You helped make our event a special one to remember."
Museum in the Community

"People all over West Virginia have written and called with their compliments and admiration for your performance."
Governorıs Arts and Letters Series with Rachael Worby

"We want to congratulate you on being selected to receive the Celebrate Womenıs Award in the Field of the Arts."
West Virginia Womenıs Commission

"A most enjoyable performance that reflected our musical ties"
Leo Brennan, County Donegal, Ireland

Mountain Thyme has performed at "A Celebration of Appalachian Celtic Music" and FOOTMAD Concert Series and Festivals of Traditional Music at The West Virginia Cultural Center in Charleston, WV, at Huntington's "St. Patrick's Day Festival", at An Bael Boct Performance Stage in Dublin, Ireland, at The Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA, on "Mountain Stage Performance Radio" and "Joe Dobbs' Music from the Mountains" on West Virginia Public Radio and on "Backstage Pass" on West Virginia Public Television, as well as at the Tamarack Performance Series in Beckley, WV and at the National Association of Development Organizations Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

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