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Janet Harlow

Janet is an award winning artist whose skills span a broad range of techniques and materials. Her illustrated children's books include: "Can You Find Jesus?", "Can You Find Bible Heroes?", and "Can You Find the Followers?". Two more books are in progress:"Can You Find the Saints?" and "Can You Find the American History Heroes?". These books are in the "Where's Waldo?" format with intensely detailed and brightly colored illustrations. Janet is actively involved in the community and has undertaken a number of art projects for local groups and historical societies.

From a distance, Janet's pen and ink illustrations look more like good photographs than hand created art. Only upon closer inspection does the fine detail and true nature of her work become evident. Janet's favorite illustration method is stippling-the application of thousands of tiny dots to depict solid objects. Although Janet thinks of herself as a black and white artist, evidenced by her many illustrations of homes and historical buildings, she is also exploring the use of color in whimsical yard art, watercolor paintings, decorated eggs and painted slates.

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