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I was sitting in my family room thinking about the cardiac rehabilitation program I was taking and wondering if it was helping me improve my condition. I was also watching the Fox News Network. I remember the newscaster stating in an excited voice that it was reported that a plane had hit the New York Trade Center. Soon there were replays showing a plane hitting the tower and the flames and ensuing smoke from the fire. It wasn't too long before you saw the other plane hit the other tower. It was then you realized that something terrible had indeed happened. It was a deliberate act by someone or group.

The news later talked about the plane hitting the Pentagon and, of course, later the plane hitting the ground near Somerset, PA. It was obvious that our country had been attacked by terrorists and to know that thousands of people died made you sad and angry. To think that all of these innocent people were losing their lives before their time had come.

The action of the New York police, firemen, and park officers as well as other first responders was heroic and great. You wondered what you could do to help during this tragic time and what our government officials were going to do.

I was proud of our President who displayed strength and determination as our leader. The nation rallied behind his leadership and the patriotic support was beyond anything I could recall since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

This event brought our nation together and showed the world that we were resilient and had the resolve to do something about it. It was time to grieve and to help where you could while remembering those poor souls who were lost and the heroic efforts of those who came to rescue any survivors.

My thoughts then turned to thinking or wondering........what comes next.

Benjamin F. Elkins
Age 76

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