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I was at a friend's house. His daughter came in and said, "Look what's happened!" I thought at first a plane had hit the Twin Towers by accident. We went into the living room where she had been watching on TV and we watched for the rest of the day and eventually we learned it was a planned attack.

Having been a New York firefighter for 21 years I knew there were "kids" there who were young firefighters I had trained when I was there. They were probably 21 or 22 years old when I left the fire department there. Now I had been gone for about 15 years so they were probably in their forties. I learned a couple of the ladder companies I knew were at the Twin Towers.

We watched for two or three days. I felt I had a personal interest. Two weeks later I went back to New York and went to the firehouse and found which of the brothers had died. I just found out all I could and visited people I had known and talked to them. I came back and was very sad and angry. Some of them I had known very well.


Bill Cammarata, age 64


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