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I went to school in the morning that this tragedy happened. It was a perfectly normal day until I found out.
I came home to my grandmother’s house.

I put down my book bag and said, “I’m going out to play with Aimee.”

I walked out the door and went over to Aimee’s. We played basketball and Monster Tag.

Then my grandmother came out and said, “Come in. It’s time to eat.”

I said, “Good by Aimee. Maybe I can play with you after I eat.”

When I walked in, I sat down and I heard the grown-ups talking about some planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I was really young so I didn’t know what they were talking about. I asked them, “What happened?”

They answered, “Somebody crashed into the World Trade Center.”

But, I still didn’t know what they were talking about so I ate and went out to play with Aimee again.

Then my dad came out, got my book bag, and said, “Come on. Say good by to Granny so we can go.”

After I said good by to Granny, I got in my Dad’s Ford Ranger and we got home. I played with my doggies for a little bit, then came in and Dad was watching the news.

He said, “Here’s what we were talking about at dinner.”

Then I sat down and watched the news and watched the planes hit the World Trade Center. From that day I knew what they were talking about.

J. D. S .
9 years old when account given on August 15, 2004
6 years old on September 11, 2001


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