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I came home from school around 5 PM. (An 8 hour time difference would make it 9 AM here.) My school was in Moscow and my home was just outside Moscow. Everybody was watching TV. All the channels were showing the same thing-a picture of the World Trade Center. I couldn't understand what was going on. The picture was a bad quality picture and the sound wasn't clear. When the news came on about every half hour they would explain what they knew.

Once my family heard the news everyone started talking about World War III. They were very afraid. My Mom's greatest fear is that my brother will be drafted to fight when he's 18.

Also, my Mom and I and everyone started to think of all the people we know in West Virginia. My Mom made me call Ben Elkins to see that he was OK. After we called him we felt a little comfort because the people we knew were OK.

The chaos continued for several weeks. Some students weren't allowed by their parents to come to school. We've had some terrorist attacks in the past so we try to stay away from public places. It has been the main conversation topic for some time.

When the Axis of Evil came up you started to hear some remarks like, "America deserves it." It made me mad because nobody deserves that.

Yelena Shilova, age 20
exchange intern

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