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September 11 Remembrance Project

A Collection of Accounts from People Who Are Part of the Hampshire County Community

published by

Hampshire County Arts Council

The events of September 11, 2001, affected everyone. Tributes have been written and stories told of those who lost their lives and those who survived. The following writings are an attempt to chronicle the events of that day as they impacted our small rural community in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia-325 miles from New York City, 128 miles from Washington, D. C., and 63 miles from Shanksville, PA.

The Hampshire County Arts Council will be publishing these accounts on this website. We have also presented bound copies of our collection to the Hampshire County Public Library in Romney, WV and the Capon Bridge Library in Capon Bridge, WV.

Some people have told us that what they were doing on September 11 wasn't important enough or that someone else had a better story to tell. That's not exactly true or accurate. Everyone's story or thoughts can become part of a larger collection that portrays how it was on a day when ordinary events collided with a defining moment of history.

We asked people to begin their accounts with where they were and what they were doing when they first learned of the attacks.....

from a local ambulance company

stories from five people

a story from Russia

a song from Capon Springs

a story from the woods

at a meeting in Canaan Valley

someone with family in NY

someone who found our web site in Illinois

a student in New York City

in a branch office of a bank

from a local opinion writer

a retired person

in an English class at Hampshire High School

in a geography class at Romney Middle School

cleaning house

from a retired NY firefighter

from three longtime residents

from a reporter at the Hampshire Review

someone with family in Alexandria

someone in kindergarten

participation information




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