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Hampshire County  Public Library Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


February 10, 2003

Vertical lines have been added to form squares on the afghan.


Grids designed by Joe Crawford help plan the layout of a word search puzzle which will appear on the afghan.


A small chipmunk can be seen beneath the dragon's wing.


Sibyl paints the last small figure, a squirrel sitting in the notch of a tree.


February 11, 2003

We can see what some of the critters are reading. The rabbit reads directions for carrot stew and the frog learns about flies.


A squirrel reads about acorns and a woodpecker reads about ladybugs.


The squirrel in the notch of the tree waves a pennant asking someone to read to him.


A string is taped on the mural to help in the placement of some notes and words.


Sibyl begins to paint some musical notes along the curve made by the string.


Joe Crawford has placed a piece of painters tape in each of the afghan squares. The tape will help in the placement of letters so they will form a word search puzzle.


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