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Hampshire County Library Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


February 12, 2003


Each piece of tape has a letter written on it. Sibyl removes the tapes one by one and paints the matching letter on the afghan.


Words and notes float from the fiddle to the dragon's book. "Songs and stories make the spirit soar" was composed through a collaboration of Ice Mountain Writers.


The fiddler's hands were modeled on Israel Welch, patriarch of Hampshire County musicians .



February 13, 2003


Guided by a smaller painting......


Sibyl begins to paint the owl.


February 14, 2003

The painting is finished!

Book titles are visible. The turtle carries a book about Nascar. The raccoon reads about 'Dumpster Diving'.


The dragon's book on flying is by Wilbur and Orville Wright.


The owl carries a banner saying "Books are friends for life"



Sibyl has left her name on a leaf.

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