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Hampshire County Public Library Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


March 11, 2003


Matt, a professional photographer, sets up his equipment in the Childrens Room. The library has turned off the flourescent lights nearest the mural in order to utilize the more natural light from Matt's sources, a combination of a flood light, synchronized flashes and special umbrellas to reflect light back onto the wall.


Sibyl sees her mural through the camera's eye.


Matt uses a meter to check the lighting.


Matt takes a close up shot of the afghan.


For the photography session, the library moved furniture so there would be a clear view of the entire mural. Matt will be producing slides and poster size prints. The small digital camera used to take pictures for this web page was stretched to its limits trying to capture a view of the entire mural wall. You will need to scroll over to see the right side of the mural.

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