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Hampshire County Public Library Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


January 2, 2003

The dragon's umbrella is now a rose color. Its wings have more detail. The fiddler is sitting on a tree stump.


January 4, 2003

The knitter appears. Part of an umbrella can be seen behind the knitter.

Details of the fiddler's tree stump appear near the dragon's book.


January 6, 2003

New Lighting Makes a Difference

Flourescent lights have blue in them. As mentioned previously, Sibyl discovered her red colors looked muddy when she painted them on the library wall. She solved that problem by calling Daniel Smith, her dependable art supplier. Their knowledgeale staff recommended she try reds with yellow highlights, not blue . The new reds worked.

Seeing the difference the new paints made, Sibyl realized the flourescent lighting could have a profound effect on the mural. She asked Brenda Riffle if there was a way the library could be sure the type of bulb used in the lighting would remain constant. If they changed to a different type of bulb in the future, the colors in the painting could look very different. On Monday, January 6, the library changed all the lights in the Childrens Room to new "Cool White". As soon as they put up the new lights, they could see the old ones had cast a greenish tinge. The new ones, although they still have flourescent blue in them, look much better. If you look at the grey wall, the new lights give it a shade of lavender but the old ones had turned it greenish.

Of course, the library has carefully saved the old light bulbs and plans to use them as replacements in other parts of the library.

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