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Hampshire County Public Library Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


January 14, 2003

A flamingo has appeared on the right side of the mural.


Sibyl begins to extend the dragon's unfurled wing. The dragon now has a back leg.




January 15, 2003

The tree on the right of the mural is beginning to have some bark. The outline of a racoon reading a book can be seen at its base.


Sketches of figures to come show a woodpecker and a squirrel, both reading books.


Eighth grade students from Nancy Judd's art class at the

WVSD study details of the mural.


The visiting students read a flyer from the library asking for help in naming the critters and other figures in the mural.



January 16, 2003

A racoon can be seen reading a book almost hidden in a hole at the base of the tree. The edge of the dragon's wing is draped over the tree root.

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