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Hampshire County Public Library  Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


January 18, 2003

A squirrel reads a book while hanging on a tree.

There is more bark on the tree.


January 23, 2003

The tree, now covered in bark, has a mossy patch. A woodpecker reading a book is perched on the side of the tree.


Fall leaves are on the ground. Pages have appeared in the dragon's book. Today there are reports in the news media of a fossil find which might be the remains of a dinosaur with wings.


January 24, 2003

An owl is the last major mural figure. Mary Miller helps Sibyl place her owl sketch in its designated spot.


Once the sketch is in place Sibyl will use white transfer paper to draw an outline of the new figure.


A frog can be seen reading along with the dragon


Long stretches of wall can present obstacles to artists. Sibyl has camouflaged a vacuum hose receptacle. Can you find it?

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