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Hampshire County Public Library Childrens Room Mural created by Sibyl MacKenzie


February 3, 2003

A squirrel appears in a tree cavity on the left side of the mural.


February 5, 2003



Using string and painters tape, technical assistant Joe Crawford plots lines for new afghan squares. The blue painters tape is rated removable for three days only.


While Joe plans afghan lines, Sibyl places a sketch for a falling leaf. The tree on the left side of the mural is now covered in bark.



By the afternoon, the string and tape are gone and new horizontal lines are painted on the afghan.


The falling leaf is now painted and a turtle can be seen at the base of the tree.


Falling leaves can also be seen near the right side. A sketch of a chipmunk is taped in place.


February 6, 2003


Sibyl paints details on the chipmunk.


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